#include <cafe.h>
#include <cafe/syn.h>

void SYNInitSpecifyMem(void* mem);


mem User-allocated synthesizer memory area.

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SYNInitSpecifyMem expands the SYNInit function to allow specification of library memory area.

To control voices, the synthesizer needs SYNVOICE structure for each voice. Synthesizer library defines the count AX_MAX_VOICES of SYNVOICE structures using static.

If the SYNInit function is used for the synthesizer initialization, the above SYNVOICE structure, which is defined in the library, is used for controlling voices.

Alternatively, if this function is used in place of SYNInit, the SYNVOICE structure allocated to the area specified with mem is used for control. Here, the linkers for the SYNVOICE structure defined within the library will not link, so unnecessary SYNVOICE structure will not consume additional memory.

Use this function to make the maximum voice count of the AX library smaller than AX_MAX_VOICES, or to allocate SYNVOICE structure to a memory between MEM1 and MEM2.

Size of the memory area specified by the mem argument may be obtained through the SYNGetMemorySize macro.

The AX library initialization has to be completed before this function is called. In addition, this function has to be called before any other synthesizer function.

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