Sound 2 Library Interactive Effects Demo




Allows real-time editing of effect parameters for all sound 2 library effects. Demonstrates how to initialize, register, and alter all sound 2 effects.

The following are required for this demo.

Ten samples are included in ADPCM audio formats.

This demo is interactive. Follow the on-screen instructions to play and select sounds and effects. You can toggle the AX mode between 32k and 48k operations. The main mixer channel can be toggled so that only the auxiliary effects channel may be heard. The currently playing sound can be mixed to all or one of the six input auxiliary channels. Finally, you may disable none or all but one output auxiliary channels so that only one auxiliary output can be monitored. If an effect is enabled, pressing up or down on the pad will select a different parameter. Holding down the right pad button allows the right control stick to adjust the currently selected parameter.

The demo contains legacy AUX effects which operate only in six channel/surround mode. These effects will be disabled if the console is in mono or stereo mode.

Console Output

When invoked, the program will display the following.

alleffects.c built 17:25:51 Dec 12 2013
*  AX6chEffects - Interactive 6 channel Effects Demo   *
* Effect List:                                         *
*   AXFX2_COMPRESSOR                                   *
*   AXFX2_FLANGER                                      *
*   AXFX2_OVERDRIVE                                    *
*   AXFX2_PITCHSHIFT                                   *
*   AXFX2_REVERB_I3DL2                                 *
*   AXFX2_DELAY                                        *
*   AXFX2_CHORUS                                       *
*   AXFX2_REVERB                                       *
*   AXFX_MULTI_CH_REVERB                               *
*   AXFX_MULTI_CH_DELAY                                *
*   AXFX_MULTI_CH_CHORUS                               *
*   AXFX_REVERBHI                                      *
*   AXFX_REVERBHI_DPL2                                 *
*   AXFX_REVERBHI_EXP                                  *
*   AXFX_REVERBHI_EXP_DPL2                             *
*   AXFX_REVERBSTD                                     *
*   AXFX_REVERBSTD_DPL2                                *
*   AXFX_REVERBSTD_EXP                                 *
*   AXFX_REVERBSTD_EXP_DPL2                            *
*   AXFX_CHORUS                                        *
*   AXFX_CHORUS_DPL2                                   *
*   AXFX_CHORUS_EXP                                    *
*   AXFX_CHORUS_EXP_DPL2                               *
*   AXFX_DELAY                                         *
*   AXFX_DELAY_DPL2                                    *
*   AXFX_DELAY_EXP                                     *
*   AXFX_DELAY_EXP_DPL2                                *

TV Output

The current controls and setting (left side) and adjustable parameters (right side) are displayed to the TV:

          alleffects.c built 17:52:53 Dec 12 2013

 Controller Actions                   Effect Parameters
  a  Play/Stop sound                     mode: AXFX_REVERB_MODE_6CH
  b  sound:    bong4.dsp                 room: -1500
  x  AUX effect: AXFX2_REVERB_I3DL2      room_hf: 0
  y  AX mode:    32k                     decay_time: 2.000000
                                         decay_hf_ratio: 0.500000
  L  MAIN mixer: all channels            reflections: 0
  R  AUX  mixer: all channels            reflections_delay: 0.050000
  Z  AUX output: all channels            reverb: -300
                                         reverb_delay: 0.070000
  UP/DOWN  Choose a parameter            difusion: 100.000000
    RIGHT  Hold to edit parameter        density: 100.000000
           with right stick.             hf_reference: 5000.000000
    HOME   Quit                          out_gain: 1.000000
                                         dry_gain: 0.000000
      AUX:  3.47  3.52  3.66
      CPU:  11.51 11.57 11.70
      DSP:  10.98 10.23 11.03

Navigating with the GamePad


Sound Current sound. Pressing B will cycle though the sounds.
AUX effect Current effect. Pressing X will also cycle through the available AUX effects.
AX mode Sample rate of AX audio. Pressing Y will toggle this setting.
MAIN mixer Output volume of all MAIN mixer channels. Pressing L will cycle through the available settings.
AUX mixer AUX input channel volumes. Pressing R will also cycle through the available settings.
AUX output AUX channel output. Pressing Z will cycle though available settings.
Effect Parameters Parameters values of the current effect. For more information, see the individual pages for each AX AUX bus Effects.


$CAFE_ROOT/system/src/demo/sound2/alleffects.c Demo source code.
32K DSP sound files.

See Also

AX AUX bus Effects Overview

Revision History

2013/12/12 Initial version.