Six Channel Surround Sound 5.1 Reverb Filter Presets Demo




Demonstrates how to use the reverb filter presets. Particularly, it demonstrates:

The following are required for this demo.

Six samples are included in ADPCM audio formats.

This demo is interactive. Follow the on-screen instructions to play sounds and select individual filters for each of the three AUX channels.

Console Output

When invoked, the program will display the following.

*         Six Channel Reverb Presets Demo              *
*    PAD Buttons are:                                  *
*    Home        Quit Program                          *
*    Rt/Lt       move parameter selection cursor       *
*    Up/Dn       +/- selected parameter                *
*    Stick Y     Vary selected numeric parameter       *
*    A           Toggles effect transition reset mode  *
*    B           Start/Stop playing current tone       *
*    X           Cycle through samples                 *
*    Y           Cycle through reverb presets          *

TV Output

The current controls and setting (left side) and adjustable parameters (right side) are displayed to the TV:

        axfxmultichreverbs.c built 16:20:00 April 4 2012

        Voice         0             MAX CPU Usage:  11.70%
       B Play           on          MAX DSP Usage:  11.12%
       X Voice          STRAT       MAX Voices:     1
       Y Effect Preset  Hall
         AuxA Send     >0    dBx10  Cur CPU Usage:  10.98%
       A Effect Transition Reset    Cur DSP Usage:  11.04%
                        Yes         Cur Voices:     1

                                    Home       Quit
                                    Up/Dn      move cursor
                                    Left/Right toggle value
                                    Stick Y    vary value

Navigating With the GamePad


Play Start or Stop playing the current sound. Pressing B will also toggle this value.
Voice Selects which sound effect is played. Pressing X will also cycle through the available sounds.
Effect Preset Selects the preset reverb effect. Pressing Y will also cycle through the available presets.
AuxA Send Attenuation level applied to the AUXA effects path.
Effect Transition Reset When enabled, the effect is updated (when selecting a different preset) using the call AXFXMultiChReverbSettingsUpdate.


$CAFE_ROOT/system/src/demo/ax/axfxmultichreverbs.c Demo source code.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/drydrums/strings.dsp DSP sound file.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/spdemo/spdemo.spt Sound Pipeline table file.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/spdemo/spdemo.spd Sound Pipeline sample file.

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Revision History

2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2012/05/02 Demo rewrite
2012/04/20 Demo update
2012/04/06 Initial Version