Device Final Output Demo




This program demonstrates how to use get the samples being sent to a device. Specifically:

The program gets the samples being sent out to the device and writes them into a file. The file being written is in big-endian format. Each sample is 16-bit and the number of channels being written depends on the mode the device is in. The samples are interleaved.

The files are saved at the following location.


The filename for TV is axTVOutput.raw, and the filename for DRC is axDRCOutput.raw. The file will be reset if recording is stopped and started.

Getting access to the final output being sent to the device is useful. The samples can be analyzed offline for accuracy; or samples can be used for creating interesting displays of the audio being played. For example, an FFT diagram can be displayed to the TV depending on what is being played.

Console Output

After the program is invoked, it will display the following output:

*            Device Final Output demo                  *
*    PAD Buttons are:                                  *
*    Home        Quit Program                          *
*    Rt/Lt       move parameter selection cursor       *
*    Up/Dn       +/- selected parameter                *
*    B           Start/Stop playing sounds             *
*    X           Cycle through devices                 *
*    Y           Record / Do not record samples        *

                devicefinalout.c built 16:42:13 May 11 2012
             B Play            >OFF                        
             X Record Device    DRC
             Y Record           NO
                                                     Home       Quit
                                                     Up/Dn      move cursor
                                                     Left/Right Toggle Value

The two left columns display voice and recording control parameters. The lower right describes the PAD navigation controls.

Navigating with the GamePad


$CAFE_ROOT/system/src/demo/ax/devicefinalout.c Demo source code.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/common/surround_music.spt SoundPipe Table.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/common/surround_music.spd SoundPipe Sample data.


Front Left Lead Synth.
Front Right Bass Synth rhythm.
Front Center Snare, Closed Hi-Hat, Mid Tom, Kick.
Surround Left Ride Cymbal, Open Hi-Hat, Hi Tom.
Surround Right Ride Cymbal, Open Hi-Hat, Lo Tom
LFE Low frequency mix from all other channels.

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