DRC Virtual Surround Demo




Demonstrates how to use DRC virtual surround (VS) APIs.

The following steps are required for this demo.

As with Multi-Channel demo, 5 audio samples can be played. When the program is invoked, audio comes out from DRC. The automatic panning will cease when the joystick of the Wii U GamePad is touched.

This demo is interactive. Follow the on-screen instructions to explore the panning, and playback controls.

The demo contains aux effect calls which have been updated to the new effects library. The original effects can be reinstated by remaking the demos as follows.

TV Output

The current parameter settings are displayed to the TV:

                drcvs.c built 09:26:16 Aug 15, 2013
               Voice                        Global    Dropped: 0
    Substick X Pan        64              R DRCVS ON/OFF      ON_NORMAL
    Substick Y SPan       64                -> LC USE         NOT USE
             B Play       ON                -> V.Speaker      WIDE
             X Voice      FROGS             -> S.Depth        1.00
                                            -> DownMix       >1.00
                                            -> S.Level        1.0
                                            -> OutGain        1.00

                                                DRC Mix Param:
                                                    L: 16422   R: 16422
                                                    sL: 16422  sR: 16422

						    Home       Quit
                                                    Up/Dn      move cursor
                                                    Left/Right toggle value

The two left columns display per-voice parameters. The upper right column displays Global settings. The lower right describes the PAD navigation controls.

Navigating With the GamePad


Pan Pans the sound between Left and Right, where 0 is full Left and 127 is full Right. The X-axis of the right-hand joystick may be used to control panning.
SPan Positions the sound between Front and Rear, where 0 is full Rear and 127 is full Front. The Y-axis of the right-hand joystick may be used to control span value.
Play Start or Stop playing the current sound. Press the B Button to toggle the value.
Voice Selects which sound effect is played. Press the X Button to cycle through the available sound effects.

Global Parameters

DRCVS ON/OFF Set the DRC VS mode.
AXSetDRCVSMode is called internally.
LC USE Specify whether to use locked caches in DRC VS processing.
AXSetDRCVSLC is called internally.
V.Speaker Specify virtual speaker positions used in DRC VS processing.
AXSetDRCVSSpeakerPosition is called internally.
S.Depth Set the SURROUND depth in DRC VS processing.
AXSetDRCVSSurroundDepth is called internally.
DownMix Set the downmix balance in DRC VS processing.
AXSetDRCVSDownmixBalance is called internally.
S.Level Set the gain for the SURROUND component in the DRC VS downmix path.
AXSetDRCVSSurroundLevelGain is called internally.
OutGain Set the output gain in DRC VS processing.
AXSetDRCVSOutputGain is called internally.


$CAFE_ROOT/system/src/demo/ax/drcvs.c Demo source code.
$CAFE_ROOT/system/src/demo/ax/tone_data.c PCM16 data source code.
$CAFE_ROOT/system/src/demo/ax/tone_data.h PCM16 data header.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/spdemo/spdemo.spt Sound Pipeline table file.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/spdemo/spdemo.spd Sound Pipeline sample file.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/spdemo/spdemo_pcm8.spt Sound Pipeline table file.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/spdemo/spdemo_pcm8.spd Sound Pipeline sample file.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/spdemo/spdemo_pcm.spt Sound Pipeline table file.
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/spdemo/spdemo_pcm.spd Sound Pipeline sample file.

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Revision History

2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2012/06/12 Updated for SDK 2.06 Release