Sounds 2 Library Multi-Voice MADPCM Streaming Demo




This program demonstrates how to stream ADPCM, audio data from the file system. Specifically, this demo illustrates how to:

The program demonstrates how to play a stream that is read incrementally over time. Although the demo reads the entire file in at once, it simulates reading from a filesystem or drive one audio frame (one to six 8k blocks) at a time.

Console Output

After the program is invoked, it will play a six channel mdsp audio file for 15 seconds then quit. The following information is displayed.

fileLength         329760
channel count        6
fileOffset           576
channel's audio byte count (excluding the header) = 54864
frame_nybble_count   98304
block_nybble_count   16384


$CAFE_ROOT/system/src/demo/ax/madpcmstream.c Demo source code
$CAFE_ROOT/data/disc/content/axdemo/harmony_scale.mdsp six channel multi-ADPCM audio file

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