Output Modes Overview

AX supports different output mode for different devices. The modes are selected by user via Cafe menu. Cafe Menu can expose these modes to users with other names. Game developers can know the output mode in which the device is set by calling AXGetDeviceMode. The supported modes are given below:

Each mode is now described in more detail.


When the user selects MONO, AX will take the final left and right channels, down-mix them and replicate the same signal on both left and right channels. MONO is same as STEREO with left = right samples.

Both TV and DRC support MONO mode.


When the user selects STEREO, AX will output the final left and right channels.

Both TV and DRC support STEREO mode.


AX_MODE_SURROUND mode is supported by DRC only.

When the user selects SURROUND, AX will apply DRC virtualization to the final mix, if the game developer enables virtualization using AXSetDRCVSMode.


AX_MODE_6CHAN mode is supported by TV only and that too when TV is connected through HDMI port.

When the user selects AX_MODE_6CHAN, AX will pick the final mixed six channels for TV, package them for HDMI and send out

Wii U only supports 5.1 Linear PCM on HDMI channel. When audio output is set to SURROUND, Wii U tells connected HDMI audio device to set LPCM 5.1ch mode via HDMI info packet. Amp will change its audio mode to LPCM 5.1ch and output only 5.1ch-worth sound.

Changing Device Mode

Application developers can experiment with the audio output mode system setting by using the System Config Tool facility:

For TV

For SURROUND output (Only applicable if Audio Output is HDMI) :

For STEREO output:

For MONO output:


For SURROUND output:

For STEREO output:

For MONO output:

Changing any audio settings via System Config Tool requires a reboot for the audio settings to reflect. If the application is run without a reboot, the audio would play slower and at a lower pitch or faster and at a higher pitch than it should be.

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