#include <cafe.h>

AXPB_ERROR_CODE AXSetDeviceLinearUpsampler(AXPBDeviceType device,
					   u32 deviceId, BOOL flag);


device Output device. (only TV & DRC supported)
deviceId Device ID of the device type
flag TRUE : Sets upsampler to use the linear interpolation method.
FALSE: Sets upsampler to use the polyphase FIR filtering method.

Return Values

Zero if successful, an error of type AXPB_ERROR_CODE otherwise.


AX implements two upsampling methods. A basic linear interpolation technique that is light on CPU load and a higher quality polyphase FIR filter, which takes more CPU load. The trade-off is between aliasing noise vs the CPU load. To let developers choose the quality of upsampling filter, AXSetDeviceLinearUpsampler is introduced. Setting flag to TRUE makes the upsampler work as linear interpolator, setting flag to FALSE makes it work as polyphase filter.

Currently, only TV and DRC are supported.

It is recommended not to change upsampling filter type after the voices start rendering. Changing the upsampling type on the fly might result in audio glitch due to discontinuity of the signal.


Library Version Availability
Sound 2.0 Yes
Sound 1.0 Yes

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2011/02/21 Initial version.