#include <cafe.h>

AXPB_ERROR_CODE AXSetDeviceUpsampleStage(AXPBDeviceType device, BOOL post);


device Output device. (only TV & DRC supported)
post TRUE : Sets upsample stage after final mix callback.
FALSE: Sets upsample stage before final mix callback.

Return Values

Zero if successful, an error of type AXPB_ERROR_CODE otherwise.


As of this writing, the voice generation and the mixing stages are at 32kHz. The final mix (merge of main and uax buses) is also at 32kHz. To let users mix their own rendered sounds potentially at 48kHz, final mix callback is provided. User can choose to get the final mix at 32kHz or 48kHz using AXSetDeviceUpsampleStage. Setting upsample stage to post final mix callback lets users get the final mix at 32kHz. Setting it to pre (post = FALSE), lets users get the final mix at 48kHz.

Remotes are not handled, since it is the duty of the users to take the samples for remote and send them to WPAD. Since users have access to final mix and it never comes back to AX, users can and are expected to handle the samples appropriately.

Currently, only TV and DRC are supported.

It is recommended not to change the location of the upsampling stage after audio system is initialized and sounds are playing. Changing the upsampling stage on the fly might result in audio glitch due to discontinuity of the signal.


Library Version Availability
Sound 2.0 Yes
Sound 1.0 Yes

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