AX Data Structures and Definitions

This reference outlines various AX data structures and definitions which recur throughout the API.

Every AX voice is described by an AX parameter block. Most of the parameter block is private; applications must use the AX voice parameter functions to retrieve or modify parameter values.

However, many of the voice parameter functions have complex arguments which are conveyed by data structures. This reference lists the structures and their associated definitions which are common throughout the AX API.

AX Data Structures

API Description
AXPBDeviceType AX support for multiple output devices for each voice.
AXPB_AUX_ID Support for up to three Aux busses.
AXPB_ERROR_CODE Definitions of error codes for most AX functions.
AXPBOFFSET Captures the sound effect addressing parameters for each voice.
AXPBADPCM Decoder state data structure initialized by the Sound Pipeline tool chain.
AXPBADPCMLOOP Loop parameters with initialization of this data structure normally handled by the Sound Pipeline tool chain.
AXPBSRC Specify the pitch modulation for a given voice.
AXPBVE Specify the volume envelope parameters for an audio frame of a given voice.
AXPBCHMIX Mixing values expressed as an absolute volume value and a ramp step-value.
AXPBBIQUAD Biquad-IIR filter parameters.
AXPBLPF Lowpass-IIR filter parameters.
AXDEVICEFINALOUTPUTSTRUCT Provides details about the samples being returned by AXGetDeviceFinalOutput.

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