MIX API Migration Notes

A new, enhanced Sound-2 library has been introduced with a set of new features and performance improvements. It will replace the legacy sound-1 library after a short-term transition period. Refer to Sound Library for more information. This migration note guides you through MIX API changes. To use sound-2 MIX, developers should link to sndcore2.rpl instead of snd_core.rpl.

The tables below show the changes to MIX programming interfaces.

Function Categories Sound1 Disposition Sound2 Migrate Example
Library Init/Shutdown MIXInit Same MIXInit -
MIXQuit Same MIXQuit -
Device Output Mode MIXSetDeviceSoundMode Same MIXSetDeviceSoundMode -
MIXGetDeviceSoundMode Same MIXGetDeviceSoundMode -
Mixer Channel Initialization MIXInitInputControl Same MIXInitInputControl -
MIXInitDeviceControl Same MIXInitDeviceControl -
MIXAssignChannel Same MIXAssignChannel -
- New MIXDRCInitVoice none
Input Control MIXMute Same MIXMute -
MIXUnMute Same MIXUnMute -
MIXIsMute Same MIXIsMute -
MIXSetInput Same MIXSetInput -
MIXAdjustInput Same MIXAdjustInput -
MIXGetInput Same MIXGetInput -
Aux Post/Pre Fader Control MIXDeviceAuxPostFader Same MIXDeviceAuxPostFader -
MIXDeviceAuxPreFader Same MIXDeviceAuxPreFader -
MIXDeviceAuxIsPostFader Same MIXDeviceAuxIsPostFader -
- New MIXGetDeviceFader none
Pan Controls MIXSetDevicePan Same MIXSetDevicePan -
MIXAdjustDevicePan Same MIXAdjustDevicePan -
MIXGetDevicePan Same MIXGetDevicePan -
Surround Pan Controls - New MIXDRCAdjustSPan none
- New MIXDRCGetSPan none
- New MIXDRCSetSPan none
MIXSetDeviceSPan Same MIXSetDeviceSPan -
MIXAdjustDeviceSPan Same MIXAdjustDeviceSPan -
MIXGetDeviceSPan Same MIXGetDeviceSPan -
Fader Control MIXSetDeviceFader Same MIXSetDeviceFader -
MIXAdjustDeviceFader Same MIXAdjustDeviceFader -
MIXSetDeviceFader Same MIXSetDeviceFader -
Aux Control MIXSetDeviceAux Same MIXSetDeviceAux -
MIXAdjustDeviceAux Same MIXAdjustDeviceAux -
MIXGetDeviceAux Same MIXGetDeviceAux -
LFE Control MIXAdjustDeviceLFE Same MIXAdjustDeviceLFE -
MIXGetDeviceLFE Same MIXGetDeviceLFE -
MIXSetDeviceLFE Same MIXSetDeviceLFE -
Per Frame Call MIXUpdateSettings Same MIXUpdateSettings -
Reset/Release MIXReleaseChannel Same MIXReleaseChannel -
MIXResetAllDeviceControls Same MIXResetAllDeviceControls -
MIXResetDeviceControl Same MIXResetDeviceControl -

To maintain backward compatibility, the function interfaces for these deprecated APIs are still available in Sound-2, but they cannot access all the new features in Sound-2.

Column Disposition: (Migration from the version on its left to the version on its right)

Column of libraries (Sound1 and Sound2)

Revision History

2013/07/30 Clean up to handle new 2.0 APIs.
2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2012/08/01 Cleanup Pass.
2012/01/26 Update to Audio API v2.0.
2011/02/21 Initial Version