#include <cafe/ax.h>

u32 AXGetSwapProfile(AXPROFILE *profile, u32 maxProfiles);


profile Pointer to one or more AXPROFILE data structures allocated by the user application.
maxProfiles Number of AXPROFILE structures allocated.

Return Values

Number of valid profiles recorded since initialization or since the last call to AXGetSwapProfile.


Provides the AX profiler with an array of maxProfiles AXPROFILE data structures into which the profiler's measurements are to be recorded.

The caller must ensure that the array is large enough to accommodate the number of audio frames that will occur until the next time AXGetSwapProfile is invoked. If not, AX will start overwriting the collected profiles. Only the number returned by AXGetSwapProfile are valid entries.

It is acceptable to invoke this function from within any of the AX callbacks. The profiler is recording its measurements into a temporary record, and only copies this back into the array when the frame measurements are completed.

The caller must double buffer the profile array to protect the measurements for the current profiling set. For an example, see the overview.


Library Version Availability
Sound 2.0 Yes
Sound 1.0 Yes

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