#include "dsptool.h"

u32 getBytesForAdpcmBuffer(u32 samples);


samples Number of (16-bit PCM) samples to be encoded.

Return Values

Number of bytes required to store a DSP-ADPCM encoded sample.


getBytesForAdpcmBuffer calculates and returns the number of bytes needed to store a sample after it has been DSP-ADPCM encoded.

The number of bytes is a multiple of DSP-ADPCM frames that are 8 bytes in length.

The actual length (in bytes) of the encoded sample may be less. For more information, see getBytesForAdpcmSamples.

To allocate storage for the result, use this function before encoding.

Do Not Call From

Wii U (Host PC only) Do not call this function on the Wii U console. It is available only on the host PC.

Revision History

2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2011/02/21 Initial version.