#include "soundfile.h"

int getSoundInfo(char *path, SOUNDINFO *info);


path Path of the file to open.
info Destination of relevant information read from path.

Return Values

Returns SOUND_FILE_FORMAT_ERROR if the file specified by path is not a valid, supported file type.

Returns SOUND_FILE_FOPEN_ERROR if the file specified by path cannot be found or opened.

Returns SOUND_FILE_SUCCESS otherwise.


Opens the file specified by path and examines it. If the file is a valid, supported type, this function returns the relevant information in the structure pointed to by info.

Do Not Call From

Wii U (Host PC only) Do not call this function on the Wii U console. It is available only on the host PC.

Revision History

2013/05/08 Automated cleanup pass.
2011/02/21 Initial version.