#include "soundfile.h"

int getSoundSamples(char *path, SOUNDINFO *info, void *dest);


path File from which to retrieve sound sample data.
info Metadata for the sound sample.
dest Destination buffer for the retrieved data.

Return Values

Returns SOUND_FILE_FORMAT_ERROR if the file specified by path is not a valid, supported file type. Returns SOUND_FILE_FOPEN_ERROR if the file specified by path cannot be found or opened. Returns SOUND_FILE_SUCCESS otherwise.

Before invoking this function, the application must first call getSoundInfo and retrieve the SOUNDINFO data from the desired file.

The application must allocate memory for the buffer pointed to by dest; the size of the buffer can be retrieved from the bufferLength field of the SOUNDINFO data.


Opens the file specified by path and retrieves the sound samples therein, as indicated by the information pointed to by info. The sample data will be stored in a buffer pointed to by dest.

Do Not Call From

Wii U (Host PC only) Do not call this function on the Wii U console. It is available only on the host PC.

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